Experienced Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist

Dr. Ebtessam Hassanin – Expert Care for Women’s Health

Specialized Care

Our Unique Patient-Centric Approach


Personalized Treatment Plans

Tailored care to meet individual needs for a holistic healing experience.


Advanced Medical Technology

Utilizing cutting-edge tools for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.


Compassionate Support System

Offering emotional guidance alongside medical expertise for comprehensive well-being.

Meet Dr. Ebtessam

The Dedicated Gynecologist’s Journey

With over two decades of practice, Dr. Ebtessam’s commitment to superior women’s healthcare is unparalleled.

Our Services

Comprehensive Obstetrics & Gynecology Care

High-Risk Pregnancy Care

Expert care for complex pregnancies

Cosmetic Gynecology Services

Enhancing well-being and confidence

Infertility Management

Personalized solutions for fertility challenges

Patient Stories

Our Patients Say

Exceptional Care

Our Commitment to Your Wellbeing

Experience compassionate care and specialized treatments tailored to your needs.

Personalized Care Plans
Cutting-Edge Technology
Holistic Wellbeing Approach

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